I am involved in several writing projects in varying stages of completion. Most of it is being done with a co-author in North Carolina who is an author and a poet.
Police Stories (working title)
A completed full length book of my police recollections and reflections. We're in the process of getting it published.
Da Boys (humorus working title)
Detective fiction
Science fiction novel about underseas life

Below are some exerpts from the police stories. They're selected at random - not the "best" ones. We're interested in having a few people review the transcript - if you might be interested contact me. To return here from the .pdf's use your browser's back button.
Beligerent Hooker A Father's Revenge
Fire Delivery Dislocated Shoulder
Manager/thief Rape?
Fake Tow The Jogger
Elderly "Gentleman" The Voice of God