Problems and Issues Currently Being Resolved
Seems like I am constantly trying to resolve several issues at once and the paperwork and mailings can get a bit overwhelming. I've decided to post the paperwork and a log of each problem currently being resolved here so I can refer people to the site rather than re-submit all the paperwork to every new person involved.

If any participant objects to having anything being posted here I'll consider removing it. I'd like this site to make my problem resolution efforts transparent however I am aware that that is sometimes counter productive. If anyone asks me to leave a specific contact or item off the site and gives a reason I will almost certainly be willing to do so. For instance, on the S.U.R.S. log, there is already one phone call left out.
State Universities Retirement System (S.U.R.S.) Adjunct Staff Retirement Issue

State Universities Retirement System (log from 1/23/2008)

State Universities Retirement System (S.U.R.S.) Privacy Problem History

Dewitt County/Clinton Landfill PCB Dumping