1998 Honda Shadow VT750CD

I just bought a '98. It's a 750cc and in excellent condition. The 'wing below is old enought that it is unrelaible so I got this so I'd have a reliable road bike.

1998 Honda Goldwing GL1000

I own and ride a '77 Goldwing (above). It's an old but very reliable and comfortable bike. I actually own two - the other is blue and has a fairing however it's not in usable shape and I doubt I will ever restore it.

I've ridden the 'wing about 2/3 of the way down the Natchez Trace (Nashville, Tenn. to Nachez, Miss.) , around Lake Michigan, far into Missouri and Iowa and on several shorter trips. This past fall I  went on a trip following the Circle Tour around Lake Superior on a borrowed Yahama Voyager. A very picturesque, secluded ride - excellent camping and dining etc. The various Circle Tours are very nice rides (or drives) for anyone wanting to see really stunning scenery without having to leave the Midwest.

Superior Circle Tour crew (above) and campsite (below)

Easy Riders

I've ridden off and on for about 40 years and owned about a dozen bikes ranging from a Honda 175 (a VERY nice little road bike) up to the 'wing.

A couple summers ago my brother and I rented baby Harley's and rode down and back up Big Sur Highway. And exceptional ride - breathtakingly beautiful scenery, interesting folks, very nice camping, nice weather etc. I rode up and down Big Sur on my 175 regularly about 35 years ago when I was stationed at Ft Ord so it was a bit nostalgic for me.

We are thinking about a trip around Lake Erie and/or renting bikes in Europe for the future.